6 Des 2011

When the Rain Falls

I love the rain. With all the accompanying phenomena. When rain falls, I feel the presence of a disappeared sence infiltred my chest. Slamorous shout of joy. Whether he meant, anyway. I am also confused. But, one thing I believe, that I love the rain.

When it rains, the sky shows how he can’t stand to hold two contadictory group of clouds. Having two different point of view understanding. Between positive and negative. That’s why lightning is electricity supreme exploded. I think, every element in the universe has two sides. Between positive and negative.
Positive and negative, not only can be translated by a plus and minus sign. But, we can also try tihs one. We have a north and south. West and East. Right and left. Top and bottom. Man and woman. Even, yin and yang. All the elements in the earth is unity between the two elements. Positive and negative. Also that’s why rain happens.

What we see in the earth is not simply looj to what happens, that rain down from the sky. But it is also a great interpretation. Namely, a great water flow that is difficult predicted by human what the advantages it is.  Humans often complain. “why is it raining? I did not bring an umbrella”. Or, “ah, it rains again, surely flood again”. That is humans, are rarely grateful for blessings of Almighty God. Referring to the earlier concept of positive and negative, such complaints is only a negative thing. And, if there is negative, then definitely there will be posititive. Positive things from falling rain, we can see that which gives live. Without rain there would be no life.

Because, no man will ever make enough water to flush the earth. Yes, without rain there would be no living plants because of overheating. Then, there is no food for humans and animals. Finally, life on the earth will be extinct. We should be grateful for the rain.

For me, the rain is not only component of life. But also a miracle. In my childhood, I often wondered. Where did the water come from the sky? Because it is so wonderful. And I assured that it was a miracle. But with increasing my knowledges. I knew that rain was an extraordinary concept of the Almighty Creator. That is, a single unity beteween, sun, sea, air blowing, temperature, even the contours of the area. Knowing these facts, the rain is still magical to me. Just imagine. Sea water is exposed to hot sun will evaporate, and the vapour rising into clouds gathering above. With gusts of wind, the cloud moves. Then there was the changing of vapour into raindrops. Miraculous.

Yes, the rain do hold a lot of admiration. In fact, the past people often make strange things just to ask for rain or deny the coming of rain. Also, a strange thing when arrival of rains associated with mystical things. In fact, we know that rain is a great gift from the Almighty.

In short, I love the rain. With all the accompanying phenomena.

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